BRinging together the little red dot and the big apple ☄

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be far from home, to miss family, friends, or our favorite foods. At the same time, being away from home can be and has been a source of inspiration, adventure and self-discovery for many of us in the Singaporean diaspora. Our new homelands that have welcomed us often given us ‘something to write home about.’ So, from this seed springs a festival of Singaporean arts in New York, a showcase put together by a committed group of volunteers on the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

This festival is about:

  • creation (of arts, theater, dance, film, music, literature and food),
  • collaboration (between old and new partners, and different art forms), and
  • celebration (of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee with the global community).

From visual arts and design to cuisine, from music and film to dance and drama, and from the literary arts to an academic symposium, this ten-day celebration gives New York audiences a taste of Singapore’s multi-ethnic, multi-lingual heritage, and its vibrant history, cultural values, and common memories and experiences.

As Singapore turns 50 this year, we invite you to come share this milestone with us, experience what Singapore has to offer in the Big Apple, and think about what home means to you, how you have found your place in the world, and how you celebrate your life’s milestones.

Something To Write Home About  has a Chinese title of “千里共婵娟,” the latter taken from a Song Dynasty poem by Su Dongpo, which translates into “we share the same moon” to aptly express our missing of home and our loved ones. We hope that this Singapore Arts Festival in New York City is an opportunity for Singaporeans to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and for us to share our arts and culture with the world.



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