Maya Dance
Founded in 2006 Maya Dance Theatre is a non-profit dance company that preserves the ethos of Asian dance while seamlessly melding it with a contemporary aesthetic grounded in the visceral nature of the human spirit. The company has collaborated with different artists across various disciplines, yielding stimulating productions with fresh perspectives. Since its inception, the company has performed extensively both locally and internationally. Maya Dance Theatre’s mission is also to bring the arts to the community.

Singai Tamil Sangam (STS)
Singai Tamil Sangam (STS) is a registered society established in 1932. It is one of the oldest ethnic minority organizations in Singapore serving the needs of the Indian community and society at large. Singai Tamil Sangam also aims to propagate the culture and heritage of Singapore to the world. STS partners with community groups such as LISHA, Tamil Writer’s Association, Tamil Language Council, Hindu Endowment Board and other community groups to organize many community and cultural events. For the past 7 years, STS has been working with Maya Dance Theatre as one of their cultural partners to promote and feature Singapore's arts and culture locally and overseas in varied cultural events and International Dance and Performing Arts Festivals.