• La MaMa, Ellen Stewart Theatre (map)
  • 66 E 4th St
  • New York, NY, 10003
  • United States

A screening of 5 short films curated by Kirsten Tan.

A boy on the cusp of adulthood begins compulsory military service; the end of an era in Mandarin radio; two school girls and an autograph book; the compressed life of a woman from the 1960s to the present day; and film school friends in an honest, side-splitting interrogation of religion--each film in this selection seems wildly different from the next, yet they are all deeply Singaporean in their own ways. These diverse films offer entertainment as well as social critique. They don't always square with Singapore's official domestic narratives or with foreign media generalities about the island-nation, and should be taken on their own terms. 

Films featured are Autograph Book by Lilin Wee (11 min), Homecoming (Keluar Baris) by Junfeng Boo (16 min), Singapore Panda by Sun Koh (20 min), Curry Fish Head by Srinivas Bhakta (7 min), The Longest Distance by Sin-Yee Lee (24 min).